FIDEL TAYLOR, has approximately 27 years of combined Military, Security and Law Enforcement service. Fidel has been a P.O.S.T certified Firearms and Patrol Rifle Instructor since 2002.  Fidel also holds Instructor accreditation with CA B.S.I.S, CA DOJ, UTAH BCI, NRA, and affiliate Instructor USCCA. Fidel has experience and training as a Sniper, Advanced Officer Safety Patrol Tactics, Entry Training, Urban Warfare, GOPlat Training.  Fidel currently works as an Executive Protection Agent, providing personal protection to Politicians, Celebrities and High Net Worth Individuals.  

GARY HALLENBECK, currently works for a Northern California Sheriff's Department, currently assigned to the Patrol Division. Gary is a POST certified Firearms Instructor and  serves his department as a Firearms Instructor. Gary is assigned as an Assistant Team Leader for Multi Agency SWAT team. Gary also served 8 years as a member of a Multi-Agency Narcotics Task Force. Gary's numerous schools of training include SWAT school, Sniper school, Hostage Rescue, C.A.M.P. Field Survival Course, Man Tracking Course, SWAT Team Leader school, Water Born Vessel Assaults & Advanced Officer Safety Patrol Tactics. Gary also serves as a Field Training Officer (FTO) training new officers.

STEVE JOHANSON, Retired from the Military, having served as an Infantry

Machine Gunner with the Marines Security Forces and later in his career as a

Military Police. Steve is a former Reserve Police Officer and Sheriff Deputy, having

served with Northern CA agencies. Steve has trained extensively with various well

known Instructors, to include ITTS (LAPD SWAT) in Southern California. Steve

holds Instructor credentials with the NRA and CA DOJ

CHRIS PARIS is an active law enforcement officer currently assigned to special operations within the state. He is a  POST certified firearms instructor. He currently serves his department as a tactical firearms instructor, defensive tactics instructor, tactical entry instructor, dignitary protection instructor,  use of force instructor  and impact weapons instructor.  During his career he has been assigned to multiple task forces within the Northern California area. 

He has been involved and teaching in martial arts and protective systems for over 25 years to both law enforcement and civilians.

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